This Is Why Stepping On Legos Hurts So Much

This Is Why Stepping On Legos Hurts So Much


There are certain experiences that all human beings share across their lifetimes. Birth and death are a few. Stepping on a Lego block and screaming bloody murder is another.

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Here's the thing about stepping on a Lego block, though: when you step on it, and the searing pain somehow finds its way from the base of your foot to every single nerve in your body, the last thing that occurs to your burning mind is, "hmmm why does this hurt so much!?"

And then, once the pain has subsided, you're so relieved that the debilitating experience has ended that your mind promptly blocks the entire experience out so that you'll never have to re-live it.

And then, the next time we step on one, or when we hear about someone stepping on one, we have a moment of camaraderie, an iota of schadenfreude, and a bit of gratefulness that it was not we who stepped on said Lego block.

Source: YouTube

However, right now, in this moment, I feel comfortable assuming that none of us are presently stepping on a Lego block. Perhaps a few of you did minutes or hours ago, but that moment has passed.

And while we are all here, in this glorious moment of not stepping on a Lego block in our stocking feet, we can all collectively wonder: why does it hurt so damn much?

Well! We now have some science and math to explain to us exactly why it hurts so much.

This explanation comes to us courtesy of the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, which is quickly becoming my absolute favorite YouTube channel. They have a wonderful habit of taking the time to answer profound life questions that occur to us, and then fade away before we ever get around to Googling for an answer.

Source: YouTube

And I'll be the first to say it: I thought I knew why a Lego block hurt so much when it got all up in my foot's business... but I did not know why at the level of detail that I do now.

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