This Is Why Luigi Is The Richest Guy In The Mushroom Kingdom

This Is Why Luigi Is The Richest Guy In The Mushroom Kingdom


Since breaking onto the scene decades ago, Mario has been a video game celebrity that is recognized around the world.

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But what of his brother, Luigi?

I'll admit it: I never liked Luigi. It didn't help that his tall and lanky frame made navigating Mario levels more difficult. He tended to flop around and made sticking jumps without falling into bottomless pits rather difficult.

Thanks to the YouTube channel The Game Theorists, I have developed an all-new respect for this green Italian plumber stereotype.

Why? Because I just learned that Luigi is one of the richest people in the real world, and no doubt the richest person in the fictional world of Super Mario Brothers.

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How do I know this now? Thankfully from lots of painstaking work that I did not have to do. The adorable, nerdy host of The Game Theorists put all the effort in for me.

The host based his figures on an exhaustive identification of the haunted mansion that Luigi must survive in Luigi's Mansion, a 2001 video game that few people even speak of any longer.

Combining architectural research and then a massive spread sheet cataloging every last piece of treasure that Luigi hoovers up with his trusty ghost vacuum, The Game Theorists have placed Luigi's net worth way above $500 million.

My next question is: Is Luigi interested in being a sugar daddy? Because I can totally get on board with that.

Source: YouTube

Are you ready to see the detailed math and explanation for why Luigi can buy and sell every single last one of us?

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