This App Turns Texts Into Faxes To Your Elected Officials

This App Turns Texts Into Faxes To Your Elected Officials


For liberals and conservatives, Resistbot makes contacting officials in congress easier.

Opposed to the new implementation of the Muslim ban or the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act? Just text your concerns by texting "resist" to 50409.

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Calling, emailing, and faxing elected officials are effective methods to let them know you're not on board with the new administration's policies. But they're more likely to read faxes over acknowledging voicemail boxes bursting at the seams.

Co-creator Jason Putorti said that faxes “are considered just as effective or more so [than phone calls] because there’s no way to truly verify if a call is from a constituent.”

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Some might say, "What's a fax?"

But, millennials needn't worry. Thanks to Resistbot, which launched on Wednesday, the app actually turns your text messages into faxes sent to senators and representatives.

The bot asks for your name and zip code. From there, you may type in something like, "I demand for the approval of an independent commission to further investigate Russia's involvement with the election," and the message will be directed through the appropriate channels.

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The bot was created as a nonprofit side project by those opposed to Trump's administration. Its creators identify themselves on the website as those who are "deeply opposed to the direction of the country. We built this to faithfully deliver the voice of the grassroots to Congress."

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Co-creator Putorti, who volunteered to support Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, describes the app's mission to "faithfully deliver any message our users send in, but the voice of the product is for the liberals and conservatives in opposition to the Trump administration."

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