Things About David Bowie You Might Not Know

Things About David Bowie You Might Not Know


Exactly one year ago today we lost a rock icon. A movie star. An innovator and a dreamer. One year ago we learned that David Bowie had passed away.

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But how much do we actually know about this man? Surprisingly little about David Bowie is popular and public knowledge. Sure, we know the movies he was in and the songs he wrote and performed. But there is much more to the man than initially meets the eye.

Consider the following facts the David Bowie deep cuts--stuff you may not have known about him, but now will be glad that you do. You're welcome.

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1. In 1969, Bowie created his own troupe of mimes called Feathers.

2. David Bowie was in ten bands- Tin Machine, Tao Jones Index, The Hype, The Riot Squad, The Buzz, The Lower Third, The Manish Boys, The King Bees, The Hooker Brothers, and The Konrads.

3. Bowie's favorite artists were Michael Ray Charles, Picasso, Erich Heckel, John Bellany, and Tintoretto.

4. Two of Bowie's favorite bands over the past decade were Arcade Fire and TV On The Radio.

5. Bowie was nominated for an MTV award thanks to his cameo in Zoolander.

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6. David Bowie was secretly cremated in what is known as a "direct cremation," without a funeral, or any loved ones present, by his own wishes.

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