Teen Uses Wikipedia To Sneak Into VIP Section Of Concert


Teen Wouldn't Let Security Get In His Way

Sneaking into concerts is one of our more bizarre past times. In a way, you can't fault a teenager for desperately wanting to see a band perform. Or, you can look at the price of admission and completely understand why anyone would want to avoid paying full price. Either way, if you can pull it off, it's a rebellious badge of honor.


On Friday, February 10, Adam Boyd from Crewe, UK, went to see British band The Sherlocks in Manchester. He arrived late, his view was terrible, and he couldn't properly see the stage.

So what else would a drunken teen at a rock concert do? Try to sneakily get closer.


How did he do it? Did he crawl underneath the red ropes? Did he scale the back of the building and squeeze in through a window on the other side of the building? Did he steal a plastic spoon from the bar, dig underground, meet a tribe of mole people and...

He used Wikipedia.


Read on to see the creative way Adam got into the V.I.P. area.