This Playlist Proves Summer 2006 Had ALL The Hits!

This Playlist Proves Summer 2006 Had ALL The Hits!


Flashback To Summer 2006 With This Playlist

Remember what your 2006 summer was like? I can recall the main experiences, but the rest is a little fuzzy. I remember being on a beach for a good period, and I was definitely drunk for that, but all other details have lost their way as a decade of new summer experiences packed into my brain...and more booze. The one thing that helps me fill in the gaps is music. Music always brings back memories. It's like whenever I hear "All I Want For Christmas Is You", I see myself driving my blue Pontiac on my way home from school, giving epic falsetto when I hit an ice patch and skid straight into my Chemistry teacher's fence. Or when Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" comes on, I remember dancing at a friend's place until a fancy hand to butt move caused the collapse of an entertainment center. Oh, the memories. So get ready to go back 10 years to 2006 with the hottest playlist of the time, and let the memories roll.
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Christina Aguilera - "Ain't No Other Man"

SCENE: You dancing with your boyfriend/girlfriend giving each other all the sexy faces. All of them.

Shakira - "Hips Don't Lie"

SCENE: You and your friends compete to see who can whip their hips around more violently, often sending someone to the hospital.

Panic At The Disco - "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

SCENE: In the car singing to the top of your lungs trying to out-sing the speakers. Classic.

Rascal Flatts - "What Hurts The Most"

SCENE: Crying yourself to sleep.

Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy"

SCENE: Asking "Does that make me crazy?" over and over made you question your sanity.

Yung Joc - "It's Goin' Down"

SCENE: You can rap now!

Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland - "Promiscuous"

SCENE: Everyone on the dance floor got 10 degrees hornier.

Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone - "Ridin'"

SCENE: All of the sudden you were the most badass driver on the road, but still won't go above the speed limit.

Black Eyed Peas - "My Humps"

SCENE: Everyone on the dance floor got 15 degrees hornier.

Natasha Bedingfield - "Unwritten"

SCENE: Girl sleepover party sentimental moment.

Paris Hilton - "Stars Are Blind"

SCENE: Always brought up the question as to why Paris Hilton was singing?

Rihanna - "SOS"

SCENE: Dance floor basically turned into an orgy. H/T,

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