Stories From Homosexuals Who Were Outed Before They Were Ready To Come Out

Stories From Homosexuals Who Were Outed Before They Were Ready To Come Out



Coming out is not a simple process for anyone––and sometimes other people minimize its sensitivity because "everyone knew anyway."

This is not to say that things always end horribly for the "closeted" individual. On the contrary: There are many positive stories out there. Some are featured here. Each one is a slice of life.


I live in a frat, and they make a lot of gay jokes that while they didn't make me feel great didn't feel at all actually hateful. Just kinda shitty. Anyways after a big round of exams we all went to the bars and I got blasted and began texting my friend who knew I was gay about the hottest guy I had ever seen, something along the lines of "I have found the reason I was made gay and it is this beautiful blond man three tables down from me" (I have seen him since when not out of my mind and he was still pretty hot). Thing is I sent that to the house GroupMe and not my little friend group's GroupMe. I immediately panicked and watched in horror as the guys I were out with looked at their phones and then looked up to me.

Much to my surprise they all started to cheer for me and congratulate me on coming out. They were all super supportive and bought me drinks and even tried to get the guy to come over and talk to me. It was a really great night, I got wasted and cried with happiness and relief.



I first came out to my dad, sister, and two really close friends. One of those friends decided to tell pretty much everyone on our baseball team because, in his words, he wanted to warn them.

I was really mad at him. My teammates started acting kind of weird around me, they stopped inviting me places, and things like that. It was my senior year of high school so I decided to just stick with it. I stopped being friends with the guy who outed me after that. He knew not to tell anyone and completely disrespected me.



When I was 17 years old, I was "out on the internet" before I was ever ready to tell anyone else. Well, my older brother found out and immediately told my mother. I find out about this, because I get a call on my cell phone that day from my mother, and she just asks me: "...are you gay?". She then blows up and cusses me out, and my brother shows up and like, literally drags me into the house. He acts like a gaping asshole and threatens the guy I was seeing, and my mother throws a tantrum and threatens to "throw [me] in a detention home."

I'm now 26 years old. My brother still doesn't really want anything to do with me, and my mother and I are mostly okay with each other. We just don't really bring up the "gay thing"... but it does comes up when she gets pissed off at me, as a little personal attack she likes to throw at me. Her favorite insult for me is "cocksucker."




Me and my group of friends were all outed by our teachers in school when we were in 8th grade.

Basically I went to an all-boys catholic school and by 8th grade all the gays in our grade somehow ended up being friends and being a tight group, even though we hadn't come out to each other it was sort of our un-spoken truth (this was 2002).

Teachers caught wind of this and decided to tell our parents privately that we had fame in school of being the "group of gay boys" in our school and that they advised them to not let us hang out with each other anymore. They also told them not to tell us (my mom not giving a crap about it told me) some of my friends were less lucky.

One day they saw us hanging out in recess together because obviously we didn't stop being friends and when we came back, during class, a teacher told all of us we weren't allowed to hang out anymore because they thought we were gay in front of the whole class.

The whole thing eventually fizzled out, we said we wouldn't stop hanging out and that was that. Thinking about it makes me so mad that I didn't do anything to call out the teachers at the time but I was so young I didn't know any better.



I worked for a medium sized company with offices in several cities, including Los Angeles. I wasn't public with my sexual orientation at work.

I got sent to LA for a few weeks to work out of the office there. I and a bunch of the guys went out with the boss, and the evening ended at a strip club in Hollywood. They have strippers that walk around and hang on you and talk, and you are supposed to keep tipping them if you want them to lavish attention on you.

I told the girl who was talking to me that she wasn't going to get many tips from me because I was gay. She decided that she felt safe with me, and started using me as a prop presumably to make the other guys in the club jealous. Leaning in and pressing her boobs on me, running fingers through my hair, grabbing my ass and all sorts of stuff. She slapped my butt when I got up to go to the bathroom and made it seem as she was being all sexy.

Needless to say, my boss asked me the next day about how much money I had been throwing at her to get her so interested in me. I told him that I told her that I was gay, and she decided she just really liked me.

The day after that, he recounted the story in splendid, glorious detail during a conference call between four cities and about sixty people, describing the smack that got virtually everyone in the bar to turn their head to see me cringe as my posterior was assaulted by a stripper with no filter because - pause for punchline - Graxley2000 is gay.

At least I didn't have to come out to anyone at work after that.



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