Stephen Fry Hurls A Blunt Trump Insult During Awards Show

Stephen Fry Hurls A Blunt Trump Insult During Awards Show


Award shows now have a reputation as being platforms for hurling Trump digs.

British personality and host of the BAFTA awards Stephen Fry launched an insult towards Donald Trump in response to his tweet about Meryl Streep, calling her an "over-rated" actress.

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As the host for the 70th annual British Academy Film Awards, Fry kicked off the ceremony by acknowledging audience members that included someone recently honored for her Golden Globe lifetime achievement award he referred to as "the most overrated people on the planet" - A direct nod to Trump's slur against Meryl Streep.

This was her reaction:

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All in good fun, right? Subtle.

But then Fry detonated the insult.

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A little while later, Fry introduced Streep as "one of the greatest actresses of all time. Only a blithering idiot would think otherwise!"

Yup, he called Trump a "blithering idiot." Continuing his praise for Streep, Fry added, "I would say underrated to be honest."

And then he made his way into the audience to deliver a loving smooch to the most venerated actress of all time.

Fry's Trump dig didn't go unnoticed by Twitter. Find out how the joke went down on the Internet.

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