Sneaky Food Scams You've Probably Fallen For


No one likes to be taken for a fool. But, if you go out to eat or buy food, chances are you're being taken for a fool more often than you are aware of.

Source: YouTube

Thankfully, you can now be at least a little more informed when you head out to buy food. The YouTube channel Extreme Trends dropped their latest video "10 Secret Food Scams You Always Fall For!" a few weeks back, and it just began trending on the website.

The channel summarizes the video thusly:

Here are the top 10 secret food scams you always fall for. Over the years, food companies have found devious ways of both scamming and tricking us out of our hard-earned cash. A lot of people don’t even know about these tricks that so many companies are using these days. So today I'm going to be showing you all of these tricks so you’ll be able to identify them the next time you’re going to be scammed!

Source: YouTube

In the video, you'll learn of a handful of deceptive practices that are perfectly legal in the art of selling food.

For instance, did you know that restaurants "anchor" their menus by placing a particularly high-priced item at the top? They do this in order to make the other food items look cheaper by comparison. In doing so, they can overcharge you for items.

You're not safe at a bar either. In order to pour less alcohol and mixer, bars will use thicker glasses and tons of ice in order to minimize the amount of fluid that goes inside while making it look like you're getting a lot.

Source: YouTube

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