Seth Meyers Takes on Houston for Blocking Transgender Rights

Seth Meyers Takes on Houston for Blocking Transgender Rights


On Election Day this year, LGBTQ people and supporters were shocked and appalled to discover that the City of Houston had dealt their rights a serious blow. A Houston ordinance that would have protected numerous classes of people, including transgender individuals, and was widely supported by power players leading all the way up to The White House, was struck down.

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Just how this equal rights bill met its untimely end was the most offensive part. Opponents had flooded the city with aggressive and inconsiderate advertising campaigns alleging that women’s restrooms would soon be invaded by men masquerading as women.

Awful. Careless. Cruel. Also, completely ignorant and inane. 

How did this happen? What does it mean? How stupid was this whole thing really? Thankfully comedian and late night host Seth Meyers sums up the whole ridiculous and terrible affair, and helps us laugh a bit about it, too.

Click below to watch Seth’s explanation.

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