This Video About High School Love Has Dark Message Hidden In Plain Sight


Sandy Hook Promise released a new public service announcement about school shootings this past weekend.

Message (CREDIT: Twitter)

  While the video itself is not dark for the majority of its playtime, it is dark because you know it's from Sandy Hook Promise. Many viewers, nonetheless, are finding themselves surprised once the video reaches its conclusion. The video begins with an adorable love story. A red-headed boy ends up in a desk scraping note exchange with a mystery student. We watch as days pass and he gets closer and closer to the anonymous person. We also watch as he tries to figure out who his note partner is as he walks through the halls.
Message (CREDIT: Twitter)

  Our protagonist then goes to the library, excited to continue his mystery conversation, only to discover that the library has closed for the summer. He's upset. So are we! Do we find out who he's been exchanging notes with? We actually do. We also find out a lot more than we probably expected. Despite the fact that we knew this was a video produced by Sandy Hook Promise. This video is very important. It is effective. It is smart. Do your part and help spread it far and wide. Let's all do our best to end school shootings.

  H/T: Twitter