These Sandals Are Giving Us All Flashbacks To "The Dress"

These Sandals Are Giving Us All Flashbacks To "The Dress"


First There Was "The Dress," Then "The Purse." Now "The Sandals" Are Getting In On The Action

sandals Oh God Not Again... (CREDIT: Twitter)

Alright internet, it's time to shake your fists towards the heavens yet again for another edition of "what color is this?" This round, the source of everyone's favorite scourge-upon-the-web is a seemingly innocent pair of sandals. Look at them. Just hanging there like they don't know they're ending friendships and getting people un-invited to Thanksgiving dinners across the country. They know. With "the dress", we argued (and are still arguing) between white and gold or blue and black. "The purse" saw families and friendships rendered asunder over whether the bag was white or blue. "The sandals" are a colorful mess to end all messes. First, people said they saw white and gold or blue and black. Think of that first group as the purists. Then came the rebel forces claiming they saw blue and brown or blue and grey. Third-wave warriors turned the battle upside down claiming they saw white and grey or gold and blue. The carnage is difficult to cope with.
sandals Just Look What This Has Done To Poor Kevin. Won't Someone Think Of The Kevins? (CREDIT: Twitter)

PLOT TWIST! Havianas, the company that makes the offending flip-flops, has spoken up and answered the query in no uncertain terms. When you're done chasing your friends around with torches and pitchforks, take a look at a correctly colored image of the sandals. You're pretty much ALL wrong! They are neither white and gold nor are they blue and black. Blue and brown, as well as blue and grey are both incorrect. White and grey orĀ gold and blue fans missed the mark, too. Consider this your final warning. Go no further if you can't handle the truth.
sandals Everything We Thought We Knew Has Been A Lie. (CREDIT: Havaianas)

Turns out, the sandals are actually blue and blue. We can all stop the madness... until next time.   H/T: Twitter, Huffington Post, Know Your Meme, Playbuzz    

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