Republican Senators Just Tried To Sneak An Anti-Abortion Measure Into Their Tax Bill

Republican Senators Just Tried To Sneak An Anti-Abortion Measure Into Their Tax Bill

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Republicans are sneaking anti-abortion language into the new tax reform bill. It is similar language included in the tax plan introduced in the House. 

The bill is being widely criticized for giving fetuses access to savings plans for college.  The plan made it into the tax bill draft Senate Republicans released last week. 

 The provision would allow parents to invest money  for education costs with a tax advantage to be named for "an unborn child" — a fetus or embryo— in a 529 college savings account. 

In the current tax parents can already open a 529 before giving birth to their child. Feminists and abortion rights advocates are claiming that the new wording is simply a way to get "personhood" language into other federal laws.

Critics are saying the tax bill's language is being used by the White house and Republicans to break down Roe v. Wade. By getting "personhood" language into more laws the hope is to give embryos and fetuses rights. The goal is to make it a crime to abort them. 

This is not the first time policy makers have tried to slip in "personhood" language into other aspects of the law. Last month a draft released from the Department of Health and Human services said their mission was to protect,  “Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.”

Vice President of the National Partnership for Women and Families, Sarah Lipton-Lubet had this to say about the tactic,

“The hope is that if they throw enough anti-abortion language at the wall something is going to stick. It’s a dubious strategy. It’s an affront to women.”

Reactions on social media have not been positive as word of the tricky wording was released.

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