Reality TV Contestants Return After Surviving A Year In The Woods To Find They Had No Audience

Reality TV Contestants Return After Surviving A Year In The Woods To Find They Had No Audience


Reality TV show contestants braved a whole year out in the Scottish Highlands. But back home, no one cared to watch their show.

Last year, 23 contestants were sent out by Channel 4 to build a community from scratch and survive in the woods for a new social experiment reality show called Eden, which asked viewers, "What if we could start again?"

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Four crew members were sent out to capture the brave contestants building a self-sufficient community without the convenience of modern tools and surviving an entire year without modern day conveniences including the Internet.

And there was plenty of drama - of biblical proportions.

Sexual jealousy, physical altercations and extreme hunger fueled tensions in the wild that, over time, whittled the number of contestants down from 23 to 10. Unlike CBS's Survivor, these participants left voluntarily.

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Similar to the way in which Jeff Probst extinguished the torches representing the lives of scorned survivors, Eden snuffed itself out when the network stopped airing the show after only four hour-long episodes in July and August.

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The show's flame struggled to ignite a spark among viewers back home. Eden's viewership dropped from 1.8 million to a staggering 800,000.

The show was taken off the air, but, filming resumed for the rest of the year without the contestants being informed of the calamity in the hopes that the network would air more episodes at a later date.

Momentum for the show slowed to a halt as official Eden social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram froze.

This photo of a contestant holding a goat, an example of one of the many exciting things that happens when you're surviving out in the 600 acre Ardnamurchan peninsula, was the last activity on Twitter.

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