Implement These Psychological Tricks To Your Advantage

Implement These Psychological Tricks To Your Advantage


Use these psychological tricks for your benefit.

If actions speak louder than words, then being able to understand body language could make your life easier. When you're feeling nervous or anxious, understanding these psychological tricks may come in handy. Some of these tips are useful when dealing with stressful situations, and implementing them can be to your advantage. Try and see if you can decode what a tight-lipped person is really trying to tell you.

1. Eye contact

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Pay attention to someone's eye color when you meet them. They will appreciate you more for the increased attention and eye contact. It shows them that you're friendly and confident. Avoid lingering too long. There is a window for admiring glances, and once you go past that, you'll border on creepy.

2. If feet could speak

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Be aware of where people's feet are pointing. Their body may be facing you, but if the feet aren't, then they're either contortionists, or you could be putting them off and are planning an escape route.

3. Chewing gum or eating food

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If you're nervous, chewing gum can calm you. It tricks the brain into thinking you're not in danger. According to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, from an evolutionary perspective, chewing allows for the release of dental aggression urges.

4.Put up a mirror

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If you have a customer service job, put a mirror up behind you. You're less likely to face combative customers. No unsatisfied guest wants to see the ugly being reflected back on them. This is exactly the reason why you see mirrors up behind a bar, where you're more likely to deal with belligerent drunks. You can only hope they catch their irate expression in the mirror and calm down.

5. Smiling

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Have you heard of the expression "grin and bear it"? It could work in your favor. Force a big smile when you're in a quandary. The association with how you feel and how you react could be so strong, it can trick your brain into thinking you're actually happy.

6. Take a first date somewhere thrilling

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Since first impressions are everything, take your first date somewhere thrilling. That way you'll always be associated with that exciting rush, no matter what happens down the line. We'll always have Paris, or amusement parks!

7. Avoid saying "I think" or "I believe."

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Speaking without conviction makes you seem like you lack confidence.

8. Make stress exciting

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Reframe your anxiety as excitement. Since the physical effects of stress are similar to that of excitement, you can trick your brain into thinking the unwanted stress is an exciting challenge. By applying cognitive therapy (therapy for anxiety) you can change negative thoughts into positive ones. You can beat it!


9. Maintaining eye contact

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If you didn't get the response you wanted to hear from your question, just maintain eye contact with the person and stay silent. Maybe they'll reconsider their answer by continuing to talk after seeing that you won't back down. Raise an eyebrow to show that you could keep up with the stare-fest until you hear what you want to hear.

10. Remember names

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Want to charm and impress someone you've just met? It doesn't get any simpler than remembering their names. It's astonishing how many of us forget names. Remember and apply them during conversations later. The little acknowledgement goes a long way.

11. Demand big favors

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People tend to grant smaller favors if you precede it with a huge one first.

12. Mirror body language

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Notice how smiling and yawning are contagious? Well, when you mirror someone's body language, it can help build trust and form a bond. It's a non-verbal acknowledgement that you're the same as the other person. Avoid going too far, however. You don't want to make the other person self-conscious.


13. Keep your eye on a path

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In a rush to get through a large mass of people? Keep your eye out for gaps in between people rather than on them. They're more likely to create a space for you to get through.

14. Finding your admirer amidst laughter

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When laughter breaks out in a group, observe who people instinctively look to. It's an indication that they feel closest to (or wants to be) with that person. They could be looking at you!

15. Approach an interview like you're friends

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By taking charge of a potentially nerve-wracking situation, you'll appear confident. Also, your perceivably friendly nature will make you likable and a strong contender for the job.

16. Stay calm when someone is angry at you.

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Don't add fuel to the fire. When you're calm, the person yelling at you might get pissed off even more, but they'll probably end up feeling ashamed later. For more useful tips, you might be interested in reading "The Silent Language of Leaders". It is chockfull of helpful tips on mastering nonverbal communication to be successful in life. You can purchase it HERE.   H/T - brightside, pulptastic, psychologytoday, scientificamerican, psychologia, imgur, reddit

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