Prying Parents Tell Us The Secret About Their Child They Wish They Hadn't Discovered



Don't go into their rooms. Don't read their journals. Don't. Don't. Don't.

Hey, hey, I get it... you're the parent. Just, um, prepare yourself for what you might find...

OH HELL NO (1/10)

Not really the prying type... But grabbed my 9 year old daughter's tablet to show her how to get to her gmail inbox using her web browser.. Her email client was misbehaving.

There were like 7 open tabs of porn, and her web search history had a "boys peeing" search......

Shocked me and the wife... She's 9... That was when we decided it was time for a bit of anatomical and reproduction info...

Which, of course, fell to me. My wife was thoroughly incapable....


OH HELL NO (2/10)

That my then-14 year old stepdaughter had a thing for anime porn.

I mean, your Naruto and Pikachu thing. But damn - you're the daughter of two IT parents. Delete your browser history!


OH HELL NO (3/10)


My daughter came home one evening smelling a bit like weed. I went through her room the next day while she was in school (I wanted to pinch a joint). I didn't find any weed but I did find a butt plug in a "used" condition.


OH HELL NO (4/10)

My son told me he used a condom the first time he banged his gf.

His texts told a different story.



A lot of nasty sex stuff in here, let me add some WholesomeMemes to the mix.

My 5-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat autobabbling away. Eventually she said, "Daddy, I don't think you know this, but when I was young, I used to pick up little bits of things off the floor and put them in my mouth."

"Really? What kind of things, sweetie?"

"Pieces of paper, fuzzies, things like that."

A thoughtful look crossed her face, like she was trying to make a really difficult decision that would determine her fate. Finally she settled on honesty.

"...and I definitely ate a flower once."