Prying Parents Tell Us The Secret About Their Child They Wish They Hadn't Discovered

Prying Parents Tell Us The Secret About Their Child They Wish They Hadn't Discovered



Don't go into their rooms. Don't read their journals. Don't. Don't. Don't.

Hey, hey, I get it... you're the parent. Just, um, prepare yourself for what you might find...

OH HELL NO (1/10)

Not really the prying type... But grabbed my 9 year old daughter's tablet to show her how to get to her gmail inbox using her web browser.. Her email client was misbehaving.

There were like 7 open tabs of porn, and her web search history had a "boys peeing" search......

Shocked me and the wife... She's 9... That was when we decided it was time for a bit of anatomical and reproduction info...

Which, of course, fell to me. My wife was thoroughly incapable....


OH HELL NO (2/10)

That my then-14 year old stepdaughter had a thing for anime porn.

I mean, your Naruto and Pikachu thing. But damn - you're the daughter of two IT parents. Delete your browser history!


OH HELL NO (3/10)


My daughter came home one evening smelling a bit like weed. I went through her room the next day while she was in school (I wanted to pinch a joint). I didn't find any weed but I did find a butt plug in a "used" condition.


OH HELL NO (4/10)

My son told me he used a condom the first time he banged his gf.

His texts told a different story.



A lot of nasty sex stuff in here, let me add some WholesomeMemes to the mix.

My 5-year-old daughter was riding in the back seat autobabbling away. Eventually she said, "Daddy, I don't think you know this, but when I was young, I used to pick up little bits of things off the floor and put them in my mouth."

"Really? What kind of things, sweetie?"

"Pieces of paper, fuzzies, things like that."

A thoughtful look crossed her face, like she was trying to make a really difficult decision that would determine her fate. Finally she settled on honesty.

"...and I definitely ate a flower once."



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