Prostitutes Played A Significant, Unknown Part In Our Nation's History


When we think of the Wild West, we imagine bustling towns full of saloons and horses and the like. Here's the thing: you can thank prostitutes for all of that.

Prostitutes (CREDIT: YouTube)

  When the Wild West was just beginning, its status was more akin to a work camp. You slept. You worked. You went to the bathroom. Sooner or later, you died. That was about it. There were very few women out in the Wild West during its infancy. But, when women learned of how men were dying for female attention, they discovered a business opportunity that would pay them in spades. Brothels opened up near work camps, where men could purchase the attention of the women they desired.
Prostitutes (CREDIT: YouTube)

  Towns then sprung up around those brothels. The women brought life and culture to the Wild West! Even better? The women often ended up making far more money than the men that paid for their custom. These rich women then went on to invest their profits into creating the bustling towns we imagine when we think of the Wild, Wild West. This intriguing lesson comes to us thanks to the truTV programĀ Adam Ruins Everything. To learn a ton of interesting facts about prostitutes in the Wild West, press play below.

  H/T: YouTube