Princess Diana's Private Letters Reveal Royal Secrets

Princess Diana's Private Letters Reveal Royal Secrets


Normally an auction in England wouldn't make news in the U.S., but this isn't your average British auction.

Cheffins of Cambridge offered an auction of Royal Memorabilia last week. The memorabilia was the property of the Chief steward of Buckingham Palace, who worked with the crown for about 50 years. In the collection were some more commonplace items like gold cufflinks and framed pictures, but it was the private letters from members of the royal family that drew the most attention.

The Collection, which also included some cake from the Queens wedding.


There was particular buzz about the letters from Princess Diana. In them, it's pretty clear that she didn't see Cyril as just the Chief Steward, but as a friend. She was known as "The People's Princess" for a reason.

In one letter, she gushes about the birth of her son and how humbled she is by the reaction from the public. In another, she talks about the princes' experiences at school. It turns out, Prince Harry's rebellious streak started much earlier than most of us thought.

"The boys are well and enjoying boarding school a lot, although Harry is constantly in trouble!"


In another letter, Princess Diana sweetly tells Cyril, who had been ill at the time, that he has been missed and she hopes he feels better.

We're Counting That Smiley Face As A Royal Emoji

The Sun

The collection sold in about two minutes for what converts to roughly $68,150. You can watch the auction video here.

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