Piers Morgan Betrayed By His Own Son Amidst Spar With JK Rowling


As Piers Morgan and JK Rowling faced off on Twitter, the involvement of Morgan's son was a twist neither combatants saw coming.

23-year-old Spencer Morgan just tweeted a picture of himself sporting a tattoo which many Harry Potter fans would recognize: The sign of the Deathly Hallows.

The accompanying caption reads: "Well this is awkward."

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Awkward indeed.

The high profile journalist and famed author went head to head after Piers argued with comedian Jim Jeffries on Real Time With Bill Mahr, regarding the issues surrounding Donald Trump's "Muslim ban."

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Rowling instigated the social media warfare with Morgan when she tweeted in reference to the appearance on Real Time.

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Piers immediately responded to Rowling's comments, igniting a ping pong match of sharp insults between the two of them.

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Keep reading to find out what Rowling had to say about them fighting words.