People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences

People Who Worked at Trump-Owned Companies Share Their Experiences



What's it like working at Trump Tower or in another Trump-owned property?

These people tell all.

TRUMP (12/12)

I worked as a Valet at his Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey for a handful of years. The job was actually amazing. $11/hour plus whatever tips you make... usually came out to about $25 an hour. Got to drive the sickest cars you could imagine... lambos, mercedes, ferraris, and even drove one of Trumps Rolls Royce Phantoms. For a Late high school / college student it was a dream job.

Trump would come around pretty frequently actually, usually flew in from Manhattan by helicopter. He's actually a very large man... sort of intimidating. whenever he was on the grounds he'd usually be surrounded by a cohort of people so us regular workers never got much interaction with him, but he did tip me a $100 bill once. Apparently when he'd come to the golf club he'd just have a wad of hundreds and give them out like candy to employees for doing the slightest little things.


TRUMP (11/12)

I worked briefly as a contractor with some of his marketing people. The job wasn't particularly different from any other I've worked. When we finished the job I had gone 2 months without getting paid (usually I'm paid within 6 weeks). I emailed a few people and couldn't get it sorted right away, but about a week later I received a check. Not a printed check either, a written check signed by Donald Trump himself. It also included a brief letter apologizing for the inconvenience. There's a lot of stuff online about Trump not paying his contractors, and it may be true. But dealing with his organization was WAY easier than a lot of the scumbags I've dealt with.


TRUMP (10/12)

I work an industry that is generally a side project for many wealthy people, which Trump is very heavily involved in. So I have a lot of clients who have worked directly with/for/done deals with trump. Some tidbits from 2nd hand.

Arbitrating against his company is a nightmare. A friend worked at a white-shoe law firm in NYC and had to arbitrate against TC. Trump played the whole arbitration like a zero sum game, down to challenging the ethics of the arbitrator days before the decision was to be rendered to prolong the arbitration by months/years.

He doesn't apologize. Ever. He lectured a B-level-celebrity at a function for publicly apologizing through the media. "Let me tell you where you messed up, you apologized. You never apologize, ever."

He's aggressive in his endeavors, and admirably so. He has branched out into some very aggressive and risky business ventures that very few people with his money would take chances on. I know he pulled a few businesses out of the red and into the black in just a few years through basic, smart business sense. I also know a few that failed.

He has a lot of smart people that work for him. It's long hours, and hard work, but there are a lot of smart and capable people in the Trump Corporation.

His corporation structure is surprisingly simple. Having viewed certain public records for how he accomplishes certain government filings, I was shocked how simple the structure was. Normally in my field when I deal with celebrities, we take many steps to shield their name, through trusts and the like. I didn't see much of that with Trump.

Overall, I think he takes on many risky projects, uses basic business sense, and the goodwill he has built over years to make them successful. There's an obvious risk and reward there, but he can and has hit it big. Couple that with his "bullying" demeanor with contractors/etc., and you can increase your profit.


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