People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way

People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way


WEIRD (6/15)

I microwave store bought sandwiches that have been in the chiller. Literally for only like 10 seconds to get them close to room temperature. I really try to avoid cold savoury food if I can.

I've had to explain it so many times to work colleagues. Especially if there's mayonnaise. "OMG you'll get so sick" - never once got sick from it.


WEIRD (7/15)

I like to eat cereal without milk, just dry. It just seems weird to me to make it all soggy and gross with liquid when it's perfectly fine as it is.


WEIRD (8/15)

I use caps lock instead of shift for capitals, and I don't use the proper finger positions. I can still accurately type 90+ words per minute though.


WEIRD (9/15)

Carve open a pumpkin. Apparently most people cut around the stem? My family has always cut from the bottom because that means you can still use the stem as a grip later. And it's way easier to put a candle in for lighting up the jack o'lantern.


WEIRD (10/15)

The way I convert 24 hour time. Most people subtract 12 from hour number. I just subtract 2 from the 2nd digit of the hour number.

Example 15:00. 5-2 is 3. 3PM.


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