People Explain What They Don't Do Anymore Due To A Bad Experience

People Explain What They Don't Do Anymore Due To A Bad Experience




See psychiatrists or therapists. When I was 13 my parents found out about an embarrassing but harmless fetish I had. They sent me to 3 different therapists over the course of 5 years to try to cure me of it. The last of which was a freudian therapist who would tell me things like I'm sexually attracted to my dad or that when I was a child I noticed that my sister didn't have a penis and that altered my sexuality. It was a Fucking nightmare. I had never felt more depressed and humiliated in my life. This freudian therapist tried to convince my parents that I wasn't ready for college and that I was mentally unhealthy. Well now I'm in college and on the dean's list so he can go fuck himself. I will never talk to a therapist again.



Wine tasting in a vineyard.

The glasses were so big, I got so easily drunk, then cried a lot, went into an art gallery and told the artist her paintings are perfect for drunken nights out, threw up in my boyfriend's car, told him I didn't think he loved me (while he was mopping my puke), then realized he loved me and then danced to Bollywood songs I sang badly in the middle of the street, then passed out and had to be carried back to the car.

Never again.




Skateboarding. Went skateboarding with two "friends" of mine. I didnt know how to properly because I was a real newbie at it, but I didnt tell them cuz one of them in particular likes to humiliate anyone whenever he has the chance to. Anyway they take off and they just leave me behind and because I didnt wanna look like an idiot I made as if I was supposed to call my dad at a certain hour so I could run back to the house to evade humiliation. One of the "friends" asshole older brother calls me out on it when I got there too to make matters worse. So I eventually run up to them and to fuck with me they leave me behind again so I just walked to the store they planned on going to. So they skateboard down this small hill into a parking lot and I try to do the same but end up smashing against a car that was pulling out, hitting my head badly on the cars' bumper. Man in the car comes out all worried because he thought he ran me over and what did those "friends" of mine do? They couldnt have been laughing harder at how I was hit by a car. That was 3 years ago and they STILL fuck with me about it. So I never skateboarded again and I never hung out with them again. From that day, one of those guys ended up on #2 on my top 3 people I hate the most.



Have any type of meaningful relationship with an alcoholic. First my ex, now my brother. Until they actually want help they will just suck you into their miserable abyss. Life's too short to go to someone else's hell.



This is gonna sound really sad but, having friends. The friends themselves were (mostly) fine, it was me that was the problem.

After my 18th birthday and starting my first year of uni, I realised I wasn't good around people and have isolated myself since. I'm 21 and have not one friend I can call, chat or hang with.

And the worst part is, I don't feel bad or upset. Just numb.



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