People Tell Us Which Popular Sayings Are Not True Based on Their Experience

People Tell Us Which Popular Sayings Are Not True Based on Their Experience


Popular sayings are often moot.

No, every dogĀ doesn't have his day. The one living next door to me is a bit of an asshole, if I say so myself. But let's go deeper. These people have graciously offered to debunk certain popular sayings and maxims with some of their hard-earned experience.
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As it turns out, people are happy to share this sort of info. Read on. POPULAR SAYING #1:
"Cheaters never win." Except in life and business, then they almost always win.
Love means never having to say you're sorry.' I love my wife more than anything, and I would be a complete asshat if I never apologized to her.
"Looks don't matter." I think a better wording (if less catchy) would be, "Looks shouldn't matter in a fair world." How you look can change your whole life. Anytime I see an ugly kid I think, "I hope you're smart, because you're screwed otherwise." Speaking from experience.
Society: "Be Yourself" Me: Is himself Society: "NONONO NOT LIKE THAT!"
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Opposites attract. While it's a good thing to not be exactly like your SO, if you have nothing in common your relationship is going to have a lot of problems.
"Money can't buy happiness." As someone who grew up poor and now makes an OK living, I can totally confirm. Money is everything. When you have money you don't have to worry about when and how to pay the bills. You don't have to work multiple meaningless jobs at a time to support your family that you never see. When you have money you are free to explore, to go on adventures, to buy and acquire things that stimulate you, things that excite your family which in turn will make you happy. You are able to relate to mainstream society. You have time to think about abstract concepts and free to find yourself. However, I think this only applies to life in the West where money controls everything and image takes precedence. Where there is an obligation to always be working and producing.
"The customer's always right." Nope - sometimes they're just being an asshole. And businesses with a policy of giving in to assholes encourages their assholery and makes the world a shittier place for everyone else.
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"You get what you pay for." While it may be true sometimes, people who believe that the most expensive choice is always the best are the basis for the true saying, "There's a sucker born every minute."
"High school is the best four years of your life." I'm not even sure why this is a saying because literally everyone i talked to has had a bad high school experience. The person who wrote that phrase probably graduated high school then was kidnapped and sent to a North Korean prison camp and stayed there until they died
"Winners never quit, and quitters never win."
  1. That's some shit only high school track coaches say.
  2. Seriously, there's a thing called a stop loss. Winners frequently quit because preserving your resources against impending disaster is critical to winning at life.
  What sayings don't ring true in your experience, readers?   H/T: Ask Reddit

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