Nicole Kidman Explains Her "Strange" Clapping At The Oscars

Nicole Kidman Explains Her "Strange" Clapping At The Oscars


Strange celebrity conspiracies are nothing new, but man do we love them when they pop up. The weirder, the better. Whether it's Donald Trump being illiterate, Keanu Reeves being immortal, or Avril Lavigne having died in 2003 (don't worry, she was replaced with a clever double) - celebrity conspiracy theories provide us a nearly endless font of amusement.

Every time we read a new one, this happens.

So, you can imagine the victory-dancing that happened when we watched the Oscars and came to a beautiful, surreal, and soul-affirming realization.

It looked like this.

Turns out, Nicole Kidman cannot clap. Like, at all. It's the strangest thing ever.

What is happening here, Nicole?

She's pretty much perfect in every other way, so it's kind of comforting that she has at least one flaw, but there's an issue. She somehow manages to be such a perfectly bad clapper that it transcends terrible and comes back into the realm of elegance. HOW, NICOLE???? Take a look at the graceful finger-wave technique she uses on the next page.

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