News Editor Slams Trump For Saying Media Hates America—Gives Proof Of The Opposite

News Editor Slams Trump For Saying Media Hates America—Gives Proof Of The Opposite


A news editor has slammed President Donald Trump for continuing to perpetuate the belief that the "fake news" media hates the nation––and most of the people in it.

Clara Jeffery is the Editor-in-Chief of progressive magazine Mother Jones; the publication has won numerous awards for its contributions to news, commentary, and investigative reporting since its inception, and its editorial board has been critical of the president since his days on the campaign trail.

Jeffery took Trump to task for his response to Tropical Storm Harvey, which has devastated Houston and surrounding areas along the Texas Gulf.

She then proceeded to provide examples of journalists demonstrating the exact opposite, such as this Daily Beast story of a Houston television crew which saved the life of a truck driver as the storm raged. According to the report, KHOU reporter Brandi Smith "was broadcasting live from north Houston’s beltway when she saw a tractor-trailer surrounded by water,  its cab filling up with water with the driver still inside." Smith caught the attention of local authorities, who saved the driver's life.

In another tweet, Jeffery highlights the story of Reveal host Al Letson, who shielded a man from a beating while covering Sunday’s “Rally Against Hate” in Berkeley, California over the weekend.

“I was scared they were going to kill him,” Letson said. “So the only thing I could think was I wanted to get on top of him to protect him.” Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer captured the altercation on video.

In a third tweet, Jeffrey shares footage of CNN contributor Ed Lavandera and his crew rescuing an elderly woman with Alzheimer's and her family from rising flood waters in Dickinson, Texas, on August 27.

Lavandera, producer Jason Morris and cameraman Joel De La Rosa were riding with Austin Seth, a search-and-rescue volunteer, in his boat searching for people trapped by flood waters at the time of the rescue.

Jeffery also retweeted a message from Houston Chronicle writer Mike Hixenbaugh, who praised the efforts of journalists who've continued to work in the midst of Harvey's destruction.

Vernon Loeb, The Houston Chronicle's managing editor, says everyone is still on call, with one reporter even working from a Starbucks. 

Among the journalists who've braved life and limb as flood waters rise: David Lohr, a senior reporter with The Huffington Post.

Many responded to Jeffery's posts with praise, thanking her for countering the president's often incendiary narrative.

President Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, arrived in Texas early Tuesday to visit areas ravaged by the storm. The president approved Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s request for a disaster proclamation Friday, activating a response from FEMA. He is currently on the receiving end of criticism for continuing his preoccupation with crowd size during a speech in Corpus Christi.

While Corpus Christi was not affected by the storm anywhere near as badly as Houston (and many who saw the president speak were able to travel with little to no difficulty), critics have slammed the president for perceiving his audience of about 1,000 people as hurricane victims and still talking about crowd turnout regardless.

The president has pledged to return to the region this weekend. He also promised his supporters that he would approve an appropriations bill to hasten repairs to private property and infrastructure. The Trump Administration’s FY 2018 budget blueprint for FEMA has been harshly criticized for cutting hundreds of millions of dollars which play key roles in disaster response. 

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