Museums Celebrate Their Oddest And Most Disturbing Items


Museums Delve Deep Into Their Nightmare Inducing Treasures

Museums are living treasure troves of knowledge. Each one contains relics of the past, allowing us to study what came before and what we can learn for the future. If it's important, it belongs in a museum.


Not everything can be a beautiful, rare relic. Sometimes it's just a strange piece of a stranger history. Culture Themes, a company that exists to promote and preserve museums, launched #Museum101 day on February 15th.

Museum 101 is a reference to George Orwell's "1984." In it he talks about Room 101, where you put things you fear or don't understand. While in the book it deals with human torture, they have commandeered the 101 number and encouraged museums all over the world to share their strange and bizarre artifacts.


It's like a really sad Gremlin playing for tips on a New York city street.