Money Strategies To Go From Pouty and Poor, To Lady/Lad of Leisure

Money Strategies To Go From Pouty and Poor, To Lady/Lad of Leisure


You too gents. We all could use some money to gain this desirable status one day.


Spend less money.

This may seem like I’m being snarky and obvious because that’s exactly what I’m being. But it all comes from a place of love you guys. Create a budget and stick to it. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by eating (and drinking) in and cutting back on that weird relationship you have with your Starbucks barista.

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Direct Deposit Into Savings Account

AH! The wonders of 2016! Choose to put a small amount of your paycheck straight into a savings account. That way you don’t even miss it! And before you know it, you’ll have some serious cash saved up.

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Make your money work for you. There are many options when it comes to investing, but starting when you are young will allow you to build up more money over more time.

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Sell Your Stuff

We all know you have things lying around that you don’t use anymore. Get on the good ol’ eBay and make some extra money. When you get really good, you can start buying cheap items to sell for more money. Remember that guy who started with a paperclip and ended up with a house? Let’s all be like him.

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Buy things that will increase in value

The original Cabbage Patch Doll is worth $50,000 now. Go find yours, put her in an indestructible case, and sell her when the time is right.

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Turn your hobby into your second income

Do you like knitting? Me either. But you might like working at the farmers market on the weekend or making some trendy little bracelet that girls just can’t live without. Find something you enjoy and make a little extra cash while doing it!

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Choose an affordable city

Coming from the guy who currently lives in New York City, the most expensive city in the world...I mean...the city of dreams, living somewhere with affordable rent can save you boatloads. The price of the quality of life that you desire will differ in every place. Find a place that is a good mix of quality and quantity. (I’ll start listening to myself someday).

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Find a rich partner!

When all else fails.

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Talk to someone who actually knows what they are doing.

You know, like a financial advisor or someone who works with money for a living and is not me.

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