I Can't Believe My Mom Let Me Eat That

I Can't Believe My Mom Let Me Eat That

I can't quite imagine what it must be like for a parent to get a picky, cranky little kid to eat a nutritious meal, but when I look back at some of the foods I ate, I truly can't believe my mother even let those things in the house! Some of these food items were so heinous, they were eventually discontinued altogether.

1. Easy Cheese

Literally cheese in a can. I was an Easy Cheese artist. My crackers were always on point with this stuff!

The Daily Buzz (credit: Amazon)

2. EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup

Could there be anything less natural?


The Daily Buzz (credit: Pinterest)

3. Fun Dip

This is just begging for a sugar high, monster child.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Amazon)

4. Nachos Lunchable

Is there ANY nutritional value to this "lunch"?

The Daily Buzz (credit: Silver Spork News)

5. Pizza Lunchable

Mmmmm. Cardboard never tasted so good. But actually... I loved these.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Peace Love Sour Apple Blow Pops)

6. Any other lunchable, for that matter...

Whether it's that slimy "turkey meat," the bacon bits and waffle dippers, or the nightmarish mini hot dogs, lunchables to me just scream 'WTF, Mom!?"

The Daily Buzz (credit: Time)

7. Gushers

Sugar-filled sugar!

The Daily Buzz (credit: Hello Gluten Free)

8. Baby Bottle Pops

Freud would have had a lot to say about these.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Candy Nation)

9. Sprinkl'ins Yogurt

Doesn't this negate the whole point of yogurt? Logical or not, all the popular kids had these in their lunch boxes.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Complex)

10. Squeeze Pops

I just don't even know. I can see this being really useful in some weird sexual way now.


The Daily Buzz (credit: Candy Warehouse)

11. Oreo O's

Start the day out right... with literal cookies for breakfast.


(except in South Korea... so there's that.)
The Daily Buzz (credit: Snip View)

12. Guzzlers

The definition of  "guzzle" is to "eat or drink something greedily." A good lesson for any kid.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Mr iFlex)

13. Dinosaur Oatmeal

Science! But also, chemicals!

The Daily Buzz (credit: Amazon)

14. Ninja Turtles Ice Cream

I'm genuinely terrified by this melting face.

The Daily Buzz (credit: Mashable)

15. Surge

Is this radioactive?


The Daily Buzz (credit: Slashgear)
  h/t My mom!

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