Streets Are Being Invaded By Classic Paintings on Google


Google Street View Plays Host to Artist's Vision

Our world could do with an infusion of the classics. They say to be able to appreciate modern cinema, you have to see how "Citizen Kane" changed the game. To comprehend modern rap and hip-hop, you need to learn how Elvis switched up what it meant to be a star. And to see our modern surroundings with true appreciation, looking at classic art can help you see the changes.

You remember the Baroque period from chalk art?


Looking around, you can understand how past masters would have seen our world. There is a constant sense of emptiness that can be filled with imagination.

And Nikola Djuric, artist, set out to do just that. By combining characters straight out of classic art with images straight from Google Street View, he created a surreal impression of our modern world.

According to Nikola:

I decided to put some characters from old masterpieces into this dull and boring everyday life. I tried to blend them into surroundings so that it looks like their natural habitat like they are here every day and there is nothing strange about that. In the past two months, I was looking for locations on the google street view and was trying to find perfect scenes for the characters.

Napoleon decided to move on to British Columbia after Waterloo. Your history books won't tell you that.


You'd think the council would find a better place to hold their meetings than in the middle of rush hour traffic.


The foundation of the homeowner's association was slowly torn apart by whispered secrets.


Lord Treehead thought long and hard about where to plant his new garden. Steve's car seemed like the best spot.


Similar to the council meeting, the dancing sisters really needed to find another spot to celebrate during rush hour.


Check out the rest of Nikola's wonderful, classical invasion here.

H/T: Bored Panda, Nikola Djuric