Michelle Obama's Long-Time Aide Describes Working For The First Lady

Michelle Obama's Long-Time Aide Describes Working For The First Lady


Have you ever wondered how to help when Michelle Obama is in a bad mood? Melissa's got the secret.

We had this internal joke in our office that if she's ever in a bad mood, just put her in a room with children. She loves kids. And kids do crazy, unpredictable, funny things. We were at one event at Children's Hospital at Christmas time, and she asked the kids, “What should I get my husband for Christmas?” Their hands shot up, and one kid said, “You should get him a hot tub.”

Barack Obama, Melissa Winters and Michelle Obama in 2009.


Life after being FLOTUS is a bit different, but Melissa wasn't going anywhere. When asked why she stayed on with Michelle, her response was moving.

I stayed on with her because I love her. It’s as simple as that. I love her, I love her children, I love her family, and after staying with her for 10 years and seeing her through so many different phases of life, from hospital executive to first lady of the United States, it made absolute sense to me that I would stay in this job and try and navigate this next chapter. I don’t know that Mrs. Obama and I ever had a direct conversation; there seemed to be a mutual understanding between the two of us that I was going to stay.

"I cannot imagine working for someone you don't like or respect." - Melissa Winters possibly being shady?


What's the mission now? Melissa can answer that, too.

We spent an enormous amount of time figuring out: how does she continue her work with children, and Let Girls Learn, and education, and making sure kids eat right, and mentoring, and all the things she did that were so important to her in the White House? How do we use these unbelievable opportunities that we have, and, frankly, with less constraints than we did in the White House, make them work for Mrs. Obama in this next phase of her life? A lot of what I do is making sure that she has the opportunities to continue to do the work that is so important to her.

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