Michael Moore Just Tweeted A Sad Gun Violence Statistic—And People Are Furious

Michael Moore Just Tweeted A Sad Gun Violence Statistic—And People Are Furious

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Outspoken, proud liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore has never backed down from an issue. He tends to be a relentless dog with a bone if he believes progress can be made. And when he sees failure, consistent failure he takes those enabling the problem to task; no matter whose feathers are plucked and tarred.

Moore sounded off on Twitter this past week for the 5th anniversary of the "Sandy Hook" tragedy, to blare a siren about the unfortunate lack of progress on gun control since that dark day.

Gun control is an issue close to Moore's heart. He won an Oscar and rose to prominence as a documentary filmmaker for his masterpiece, "Bowling for Columbine." Which dissected the high school shooting tragedy, that many feel was the first enormous domino in this horrifying trend. 

Moore has always stated that "we" as a nation, including himself, are all culpable in these deaths by not fighting hard enough for gun and mental health reform. 

When hit with a statistic as big as 150,00 deaths in 5 years--that is 30,000 a year, 85 a day--it left Twitter with a lot to say. 


To be fair, not all members of the NRA are deaf to the situation, they would like a cohesive discussion and many do have their own stats.

No matter which side of the aisle you fall on, this topic remains heated. There has to be some way for compromise. 

Until we find it, thankfully we have people like Michael Moore, who refuse to let us forget. 

Sandy Hook 12/14/12  

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