People Share The Luckiest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them

People Share The Luckiest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them


Your fortune can change in an instant, and truth is stranger than fiction. These people share the luckiest thing that's ever happened to them.

It started rather simply. The question:
Redditors, what's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?
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Not everyone believes in leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, or pots of gold, but after reading these, you might find yourself thinking differently. Read on! LUCKIEST PERSON #1:
I broke down on the side of the highway with no money and a dead phone, when I was 19. I spent all night shivering in my car and wondering what the hell I was going to do. The next morning, a strange man in an orange car pulled over to see what was up. I explained, and he shrugged, drove me into town, and gave me sixty bucks for a tow and breakfast. He said he wished he could do more but he had to be on the road, and wished me luck. I'll never know who he was, or where he is now, but I'll remember that guy and his immediate, unquestioning generosity forever. That's the kind of man I want to be, someone who gives without asking just because someone else is in need. I just never seem to have an extra sixty bucks. If you're out there, sir, thanks again.
One time I was at a bookstore just browsing because I was flat broke. I go out into the parking lot to leave, and I see a $20 bill tumbling down the pavement in the wind. As soon as I snatched it up I saw another one flutter in my general direction, and then another, and another. 80 bucks literally came my way.
In my junior year of college, I had a finals week from hell where I had 5 exams in 3 days. Even though I had started studying a week prior, I knew I'd have to sacrifice my grade on one of the exams in order to get A's on the rest. I was very confident on 4 of them and ended up getting A's. On the 5th, I knew I did terrible. I believe the class was Advanced Corporate Finance. Got an email from my professor, he misplaced my classes scantron. Our final grade was replaced with the highest of our previous test scores. Ended up with an A.
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Company I work for offered me all their old furniture.....thousands of dollars worth. They didn't want to deal with selling or paying to have it removed so my friend, in charge of the move, offered it all to me for free. I just sold a small portion of it last week for $5,000. It was a lot of hard work and long days but I still have about $30K worth of nice furniture for sale. Couldn't have come at a better time. My ex and I bought the place I live in 7 years ago on a balloon mortgage, not knowing the ramifications of the note coming due. I have less that 60 days to pay off $18,000, otherwise I lose my home. I'm working my ass off to sell more furniture.
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I was adopted 6 days after I was born by a loving family that also happened to be well off. Nothing will ever compete with the one-two punch of "avoiding foster care" and "not getting aborted."
I had a job lined up teaching English in Seoul. The school pissed off the immigration department and my visa got denied. Coincidentally, that week two teachers in another province quit their jobs a week into the semester and left the country. I was offered one of the jobs, and on my first day in the country I was introduced to the man who took the other job. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week.
My husband and I drove to New York City from Canada to camp out for Saturday Night Live tickets to see Justin Timberlake host during his 5th time hosting and the whole trip was just the luckiest series of events imaginable. First, we went to see a Rangers game (favourite team- huge hockey fans obviously) and we were sitting so close I yelled to the equipment guy to throw me a game puck they had just used in warm-up and sure enough he did. The day after we went to see Jimmy Fallon host the Tonight Show and he came up and sat right in front of us and shook our hands and talked to us while he threw to the musical guest... then we camped out for 73 hours in a blizzard for SNL tickets (we were 3rd and 4th in line) and we were right in front of the Today Show and we met Martha Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Lil' John and got interviewed as well as the 'crazy Canadians camping outside for 73 hours for SNL tickets.' Friday night before getting the tickets Andy Samberg and Akiva snuck out and we met them both and got photos with them.. and THEN IT HAPPENED... Justin Fucking Timberlake came out and talked to us and hung out with us for about 20 minutes AND bought us pizza from Ray's. And needless to say we got the tickets at 7am Saturday and had the best fucking time ever. right places at the right time.. NYC <3
I made a mistake on an application for a summer internship. The mistake is the reason I got the job. The summer internship was at a major pharmaceuticals company where my sister worked as a contractor. On the application, it had the question: "Are you related to an employee at XXXXXX". I answered "Yes" because my sister worked there. On the next line it asked "Are you a dependent?" I answered yes because I was still being claimed as a dependent by my parents. I was interviewed and hired and later found out that dependent college students of all full-time employees were guaranteed internships at the the company. My sister was a contractor so I was not eligible to take advantage of this. Her boss casually mentioned "Oh yeah, I fixed your brother's application" after I had already been hired and it was sent to the same contracting agency to filed and a payroll record created, as the agency also handled all interns. The following year, the program was abolished but since I had asked my boss if I could work year-round, I was grandfathered in. I interned for 2 years and rolled it into a full-time job when I graduated. 20 years later and I'm still in the IT field.
I suffered almost no consequences whatsoever from my brain tumor. Sure, it fucked up my eyesight, but the same day of the surgery I could already talk and eat normally, and within a week I could walk again. This is not common and I am very grateful for it.
Honestly? Being born into a kind, loving middle class American family which valued my education and supported me through thick and thin. Any other luck I've had in life is minor compared to winning that genetic lottery.

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My college did a screenwriting contest every spring to decide which movies the Junior class would make the following fall. 1 lucky winner would get a $2000 scholarship. In my senior year, as almost a joke, I wrote a script in about 2 hours and entered. Not only did I win, but because i was graduating and my tuition was all paid for, the prize scholarship got processed as a check, so I ended up graduating with a shitload of pocket money to start off adulthood. And the finished film wasn't bad either.
My girlfriend. Seriously. After years of bad relationships, growing experiences, near deaths, military, bad childhood, schizophrenic mother, massive persistent bad luck and all of my own faults causing additional problems, I finally met someone who was the most incredible, loving and accepting person I'd ever met. 5 years later, we have three pups, we've moved half across the country for a new job. She tells me everyday how much she loves me and that I'm pretty (fuck any of you who laugh at this. As 5'10" 178lb bearded guy, it's nice to hear this.). As soon as I can afford (which is taking a lot longer due to bills and cost of living) a ring, I plan to ask her to marry me. We've talked and despite that I want to give her a ring, she says I don't need one and that she doesn't need anything from me except my love. Truly, the greatest thing that's ever happened to me was her.
I owned a genuine Rolex and was going through a tough time money wise so I had to sell it for some quick cash. A couple of months later I am walking through some thick grass in Miami when something catches my eye: it's a watch, a Rolex in fact, so I picked it up and gave it a quick look and thought it was probably fake. I got home and after closer inspection found it to be genuine. Not the same type I had owned previously, mine was a two tone Datejust but this was a Seadweller dive watch. About $6,000. Absolutely gorgeous. I have had many lucky things happen to me but that was quite special.
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