Living the Dream Where Terms and Conditions Definitely Apply

Living the Dream Where Terms and Conditions Definitely Apply

  If there is one thing I've learned in my short time as an adult, it's that finding somewhere to live that is ideal and reasonably priced is a challenge. Inevitably, some sacrifices have to be made between aesthetic and fiscal responsibility. The following living arrangements perfectly capture this struggle; living the dream while not-so-dream-like terms and conditions may apply.

1. Around the World in Thirty Days

Living Credit: The Telegraph
Living the Dream: Even though this wasn't a permanent "living arrangement," it was an offer that couldn't be refused. In 2014, a Canadian man, Jordan Axani, put an offer on Reddit to take a complete stranger on a free trip around the world with stops in America, Europe, and India. The Drawback: Axani could only take girls with the name, "Elizabeth Gallagher." Originally, the tickets were meant for Axani and his now ex-girlfriend. Rather than jumping the hurdles to get a refund for the tickets, he took a fellow Reddit used on a free, dream vacation. Elizabeth even got her own room!

2. A Private Italian Village

Living Credit: The Telegraph
Living the Dream: You can buy this historical villages dating back to 1089 A.D. for a mere $700,000. The town consists of eleven buildings with its own church. The Drawback: If you're thinking this seems like a dream come true, you may want to factor in the cost of renovating the crumbling town all on your now. That task would even put HGTV's Fixer Uppers to shame.

3. Home Sweet Sicily

Living Credit: The Business Times
Living the Dream: If your heart is set on Italy, look no further. In the small Sicilian town of Gangi, the government is giving away two hundred buildings in order to   revitalize the town. The Drawback: This Italian dream is really too good to be true; the renovations of your building have to start within a year and finished in three. Plus, you get the added bonus of navigating these time constrictions through the labyrinth of the Italian government.

4. Roommates with Benefits

Living Credit: Gawker
Living the Dream: Back in 2012, Brian H placed an add on Craigslist looking for a female roommate. In order to bypass the picky landlords, the two have to appear romantically involved but Brian assures them that they "do not have to be romantically involved at all." Seems simple, right? The Drawback: The ad starts to resemble an episode of Criminal Minds when Brian requests no visitors, complete silence and a final say on all household disagreements. This arrangement just sounds like the first chapter of a murder mystery.

5. The Playboy Mansion

Living Credit: The Telegraph
Living the Dream: This infamous palace, built in 1927, is known for its gorgeous women and high profile parties. The Drawback: Not only would the Playboy Mansion put you back about $200 million, but according to a legal stipulation created in 2016, you would have to live with Hugh Hefner while avoiding his mysterious bedroom. On the other hand, the buy might well be worth it, considering all of the gossip fodder it would provide for the tabloids.

6. A Piece of English Heritage

Living Credit: The Daily Mail 
Living the Dream: By signing a 20-year lease for the reasonable price of well, nothing, you can become the proud owner of   the Woodstock Home, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. This historical mansion has eight bedrooms, room for horses and 3.5 acres of land. The Drawback: The home is in rough shape with repairs estimated to cost around $4.32 million. Even if you think this sounds reasonable (and if you do, I have a bridge to sell you), you can't even lease it out on Airbnb to make your money back.

7. A Miracle for College Students Everywhere

Living Credit: PBS
Living the Dream: Universities are notorious for gouging students with the staggering costs of room and board. Almost any off-campus living arrangement would be a fiscal-savvier move. The Drawback: Several colleges in the Netherlands, France... and Cleveland, Ohio, allow students to live for free in a nursing home provided they agree to socialize with their elderly housemates for 30 hours a month. Now that's what I call a party house!

8. Spooky Montana Mining Town

Living Credit: Ghost Towns
Living the Dream: Garnet, Montana, is famous for being the best-preserved mining community in the United States. The Bureau of Land Management is looking for volunteer occupants with a pretty sweet deal including a food stipend and a relatively short workday. The Drawback: Before you start packing your bags, however, I should probably tell you that Garnet has no internet access or running water. Also, the town is supposedly haunted, but maybe that would heighten its appeal for you!

9. New York State of Mind

Living Credit: New York Post
Living the Dream: Whether you grew up on the coast of California or in a small town in Pennsylvania, you've probably dreamt of living the Gossip Girl life in the Big Apple. The only problem is that it costs an arm and a leg. But in Gramercy, you could live in one of the wealthiest portions of the city for as low as $478. The Drawback: The only catch? You should be fully prepared to have 25+ roommates of varying backgrounds and constant participation in communal chores. Personally, I think it's a small price to pay to live the life of Blair Waldorf.
I guess the moral of the story is if you really want to live somewhere, you probably can, but some weird terms and conditions may apply.   H/T: Oddee, Gawker

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