Connections Revealed Between Conservative And Liberal News Sites

Connections Revealed Between Conservative And Liberal News Sites


Liberal Society and Conservative 101 both published articles with nearly identical titles after CNN reported that Conway was being taken off of television. "White House FINALLY Gives Kellyanne Conway The Boot, Are You Glad?" for Liberal Society and "White House Just Gave Conway The Boot, Prepare To Be Infuriated" from Conservative 101. Both article titles using that term, "given the boot," is strange unto itself. But Silverman began to break down the articles contents, paragraph by paragraph.

From Liberal Society:

Kellyanne Conway has been a terrible communications director for Donald Trump. She has made up terrorist attacks and has constantly been caught in flat out lies. However, it looks as though that is all about to catch up to Conway.

From Conservative 101:

Kellyanne Conway has been the go-to communications director for Donald Trump ever since she was appointed to be his campaign manager on the campaign trail. However, according to sources, Trump just pulled Conway from TV appearances.


Minus a few positive/negative terms, each starts the same way. Silverman noticed that both articles even used the same quotes from the CNN story. However, when it came to the Conservative side, they were far more critical of the "mainstream liberal media."


Both stories play out like they were made from the same cookie mold, only different sprinkles were put on top. Buzzfeed News determined that both sites are own by American News LLC of Miami. They followed their Google Analytics and AdSense IDs. American News LLC, based on company records, is owned by John Crane and Tyler Shapiro.

Miami's New Times even reviewed records and traced that LLC back to a small Miami home, where two companies operate not only Conservative 101 and Liberal Society, but the Facebook groups American News, Liberal Daily, and God Today. Though they didn't get a hold of the owners, it seems these individuals are running a multi-hyperpartisan corporation aimed at your computer or smartphone.

Source and Google Maps

Why do this? Why play to both sides of the plate? Grant Stern, a progressive who writes for Occupy Democrats and executive director of Photography Is Not A Crime, sums it up best:

Those websites are marketing websites, and the product they’re pitching is outrage.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Miami New Times, NYTimes

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