Lena Dunham Slams American Airlines Employees For Having ‘Transphobic Talk’

Lena Dunham Slams American Airlines Employees For Having ‘Transphobic Talk’


Lena Dunham got into it with American Airlines, over an anti-trans conversation she recently overheard by uniformed employees of the airline.


I am not saying I encourage disparaging conversations. I will however say these employees especially should not have been having this chat with Ms. Dunham within earshot. She doesn't take well to discrimination. 

Ms. Dunham and American Airlines hashed it out in a series of messages and tweets. 

She posted pics of the messages she exchanged with the airline.

Twitter, Twitter 

And the airline was quick to do damage control. 

She told them where she overheard the conversation. 

Apparently, the tea was spilled near the wine bar. 

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Is nowhere safe, or sacred these days? Not even the wine bar! 

Her followers, of course, applauded her actions.


Dunham may be controversial. But, we love her for what she does best.

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Thank you, Lena Dunham for calling out the employees, and doing so in a respectful manner! 

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