Kitten Survives Hurricane Matthew, Models Fetching Tube Sock Sweater


A nameless kitten has become a social media celebrity thanks to a few photos that went viral on Twitter this past week and a bold fashion choice.

Kitten (CREDIT: Twitter)

  The homeless kitten was wandering outdoors in North Carolina during Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully, a kind human picked up the kitten and brought it to a PetSmart veterinary hospital. A Twitter user first encountered the kitten while an employee was showing it off to a family that had come in looking to adopt. The family adored the kitten and decided to adopt it on the spot. They apparently bought a ton of cat paraphernalia as well. This gives me confidence that the poor kitty is now in good hands so take a deep breath. Now prepare to die.
Kitten (CREDIT: Twitter)

  Now that we've gotten the important animal safety and wellness specifics out of the way, let's talk about the most important part: that fetching tube sock jumper/sweater! He or she looks so damn cute! Oh my God. I can't even handle how adorable this all is. And it doesn't help matters that the kitten looks so sad! That makes the photos even cuter. It makes them pitiful and pathetic in a way I can't even describe. Why is┬áthis kitten so sad? What has it seen? What horrible horrors did it experience out in the winds and rains of Hurricane Matthew?
Kitten (CREDIT: Twitter)

  Sadly (or perhaps fortunately), we will never know what this kitten saw out there. That might be for the best, now that I think about it. As a side note, watch this sock-sweater business become a thing. A fashion thing! I can see the runways in Milan now. All those skinny men and women walking around with their arms poking out of gigantic tube socks. I can't wait to try out this new fashion trend on my cat at home.
H/T: Telegraph, Mashable