Interview With Counterterrorism Agent Reveals Facts About Trump/Russia Connection

Interview With Counterterrorism Agent Reveals Facts About Trump/Russia Connection


Officer Detailed How Current Russian Influence Feels Like A Covert Operation

If you find it difficult to turn on your phone and glance at social spaces, you aren't alone. Daily news reports of President Trump's time in office are wasting your mental bandwidth, and it can be hard to stomach. A lot of times, it's easier to shut it all down than to filter through and find the true stories.

Which might be what some people want.

Probably not him...


Michael Flynn, Trump's former security adviser, resigned because of contacts with Russia. Jeff Sessions, current attorney general, has met repeatedly with Russian ambassadors and intelligence operatives and lied about it. Former campaign aides, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, were in contact with the Russian Government at various times.

At this point, it's believable that Trump is friends with Putin on Snapchat.

That last one is false, but, still.


With so much obvious evidence that there is Russian influence abounding in our government, it's become incredibly frustrating for those in the American intelligence community who feel they are being ignored. One such counterterrorism agent, Malcolm Nance, spoke with Salon about his thoughts on the links between Russia and America and what will eventually happen if Russia is left unchecked.

When asked about what he thinks about the entire controversy, Nance responded:

I think that the activities that have occurred and the thing that we’re seeing indicate a scandal on an order of magnitude greater than anything that’s occurred in the 20th century. What’s occurring now is as close to Benedict Arnold as I think we’re ever going to get in American history. It had better be because the only alternative to what we’re seeing with this information is, if it’s not espionage, then it will be the largest financial scandal in American history.


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