These Famous Logos Went On A Diet And Look Very Different


Recognizable brand logos were put on a diet.

Huh? Well, how else could the golden arches end up looking so slimming?

With no trail blazing agenda for motivation other than to modernize the aesthetics of logos, artist Tolga Gündoğdu tinkered with graphics such as McDonald's, VW, and Wilson, to make them "lose weight." Basically, he trimmed the font weight for a sleeker look.

Micky D's, you're up first. Get on that scale.

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If the slimmer logo symbolized the fast food franchise adding healthy options to their menu, the alteration is justifiable. But there's no profound statement to be made here.

In fact, the artist himself, explained:

I designed this series to show the importance of line thickness. The project is still work in progress.

Are you loving it? Can you even see it?

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Up next is Wilson, ready to serve.

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That's not a "W." It looks like an outline for firm glutes. Play more tennis everyone!

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Up next is VW.

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Don't bother tailgating to get a closer look at identifying this vehicle's make.

The concept of minimalist logos is still in development. While the companies won't be adopting the new fonts any time soon, it will be interesting to see how much further Gündoğdu will progress with his experiment.

H/T - boredpanda, sobadsogood