Honest Trailer of "Batman Begins" Proves Even Batman Makes Mistakes

Honest Trailer of "Batman Begins" Proves Even Batman Makes Mistakes


Acclaimed Film Is Not Without Flaws

There have most certainly been highs and lows for the Caped Crusader on our screens. Highs include "Batman," an artistically and critically acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton, "Batman: The Animated Series" that appealed to both children and adults, and an award-winning movie in "The Dark Knight."



Unfortunately, the lows hit the exact opposite end of the spectrum. The Joel Schumacher led "Batman & Robin" was a critical and commercial flop. Adam West, though a pioneer at the time, irrevocably gave the Dark Knight a black eye with his campy, 60s betrayal. And the less said about Ben Affleck's script, the better.



So the Honest Trailers guys had a lot to work from when they tackled "Batman Begins," the 2005 Christopher Nolan film. The movie was credited with bringing a more realistic Batman back to the mainstream and was positively reviewed. However, the Honest Trailer guys are able to point out some of the funnier flaws in the film.

For example, for as big a loner hero Batman says he is, he sure does have a lot of allies and friends.

And what about the loads of crimes he commits?

It's still murder, even if you let a train do it.

The good guy!


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