Hobby Lobby CEO Says "I Don't Think So" To Maternity Leave Question

Hobby Lobby CEO Says "I Don't Think So" To Maternity Leave Question


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David Green is a self-identified evangelical Christian, the CEO of Hobby Lobby and the author of a book called Giving It All Away, which talks about the importance of being generous in business and in one's day-to-day life. He made headlines by successfully suing the government so that Hobby Lobby no longer had to cover women's contraceptives on the company health plan. He felt it went against the corporations religious values.

When Mr. Green went to Business Insider to promote his book about being a generous businessman, that topic came up. Since the company doesn't cover many forms of birth control, Business Insider wanted to know if they offered maternity or parental leave.

His response? "I don't think so."

Turns out, the CEO has no idea whether or not his company offers any sort of parental leave.

Spoiler alert: It does not.

To recap: The CEO of Hobby Lobby wrote a book about being a generous businessman. Hobby Lobby does not cover birth control on their insurance since they believe it conflicts with their Christian beliefs, but also will not give women maternity leave.

Opinions are pretty strong on this one.


The word "hypocrite" came up a lot.


This isn't a new issue, though. People have known about - and been vocal about - Hobby Lobby and their lack of parental leave for a long time.

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