Here's Why You Might Have Herpes,  And Why It Doesn't Matter

Here's Why You Might Have Herpes, And Why It Doesn't Matter


What do you know about herpes? Well, I thought I knew a whole lot about it. It turns out that most of what I know is completely wrong.

Source: YouTube

I know, for example, that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. I also know that it is incurable which, until recently, frightened the absolute hell out of me.

As a sexually active gay man, now I had to worry about this disease that can be completely hidden from view and end up with it anyway? A disease that I could catch, and then never rid myself of, even if I wore protection and played safe?

Horror of horrors! I might as well head to the nearest nunnery and swear an oath of chastity, just to be sure.

Source: YouTube

That was, of course, until I saw this video from TruTV's Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything.

Normally, Adam ruins things that I like. Stuff like malls, love and marriage, gift-giving, holidays, and Hollywood. But, for once, Adam ruined something that literally scared the pants off of me.

(Oh, and for those of you who want to say, "But Justin! You used the word literally wrong!", Adam did a special video on why that criticism is wrong, too!)

Adam's takedown of herpes is something that everyone should see. It successfully de-stigmatizes the disease, and may even encourage some folks to go and get tested so that they might know if they carry it.

Ready for an education? Click play below!

Source: YouTube