The Cut Heard 'Round The World

  A good haircut is in the eye of the beholder. Every so often, however, a hairstyle comes along and fails miserably. I doubt this one will be making the rounds any time soon. An unnamed model subjected herself to the hands of an ambitious barber who wanted to create a unique look for a stylist-on-demand app called Barbershapp. The result was unanimous. Horrible!
haircut (CREDIT: dailymail)
The app is used to connect people to local barbers and stylists. The stylist posted this minute-long video, offering a glimpse of a bold haircut in progress on her Facebook page. Barbershapp posed this innocent query to potential clients:
haircut (CREDIT: today)
Within moments, the Internet gave their answers. The suggested "trend in the making" was lambasted with acerbic comments on the app's Facebook page, as well as on Twitter.
haircut (CREDIT: thepoke)
In the video, the model patiently sits pretty while the stylist brandishes her shears as a prelude to her work. She begins to cut a thin layer of hair in a horizontal ring near the crown. Soon a second ring was cut an inch down, and then another. Is this a joke? Most certainly not. Those uneven halos were intentional. When the shears are finally put down, we're thankful... for the model's sake, but the damage is done. And she's not done yet! Instead of lopping off the model's remaining locks of hair cascading down her shoulders, the stylist teases it to death. The result looks like a Barbie abandoned by a reckless little girl.
haircut A teaser of the final product. (CREDIT: today)
Other memorable remarks on Twitter include:
I'd be in tears and my stylist would need her scissors surgically removed. Even I can do this and I'm not even a hairdresser ... That's not talent, that's 'lets just cut and see how it turns out' ..!! Ugly.
Based on reactions, you won't be seeing this hair-don't... except on Halloween! See for yourself! Shear madness!    
In case you were wondering, the model was not impressed either. But, instead of launching into a verbal attack, she asked gracefully if the stylist could shave her head entirely. The stylist honored her request with a clean, bald pate. She's never looked more beautiful.
haircut (CREDIT: dailymail)
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