"Emo Trump" Releases 1st Hit Song Based On Trump's Tweets


Term "Snowflake" Gets Turned On Alt-Right's Head

Many new terms have been added to our American vernacular. "Alt-Right." "Fake news." "Tiny hands." But "Snowflake" appears to be special, as it turns something pure into something negative. The term has been used to describe Liberal/Democrats as sensitive whiners by the Alt-Right media. Living anger-generator, Tomi Lahren, popularizes its usage on her cable show, "Tomi."

She's like that girl from your high school who ran over the younger kids' snow forts in her dad's pick-up truck.


Unfortunately for the self-labeled "Alt-Right," they have a President that may be the snowiest flake of all. Since winning the presidency, Donald Trump has voiced extreme displeasure and anger at a great many things. From CNN News to "Saturday Night Live" to Meryl Streep. Nothing seems to be free from our President's Twitter feed.

Didn't North Korea just fire missiles yesterday?


Fortunately, this "Snowflake" like behavior has not gone unnoticed. The fine folks at Super Deluxe, a YouTube Channel designed around non-mainstream creations, decided to poke fun at our Snowflake-in-Chief. They noticed that a pattern of sadness and emotion laced his Tweets. Not letting this golden opportunity pass, Super Deluxe crafted Trump's Tweets into an "emo" song straight out of a Dashboard Confessional album. "Emo," a popular subculture created out of emotionally charged music, was big in the early 2000's and brought us haircuts like the ones below.


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