Dreams Become Reality at the Unicorn Café

Dreams Become Reality at the Unicorn Café


Are you looking for a Unicorn Café?

When I was little, my brother and I always looked for imaginary creatures. Pokémon, dragons, you name it. We found them in our Grandma's magical basement. The one thing we never found? Unicorns. I can confidently tell you the Unicorn Café is the place to find a unicorn. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Bangkok, Thailand, looking for unicorns, rainbows, food, or My Little Pony memorabilia, look for the Unicorn Café.
Unicorn Cafe Credit: Cosmopolitan

Some might think this sounds too good to be true, but look at this food! Who knew waffles could be so colorful and PINK? It looks like a combination of Lisa Frank school supplies and the daydreams of a seven-year-old!
Unicorn Cafe Credit: Instagram

The menu includes rainbow-colored spaghetti, burgers with unicorn horns made of french fries, and special rainbow drinks.
Unicorn Cafe Credit: Instagram

If you are worried about potential photo opportunities, they have you covered. There is a giant pit of unicorn stuffed animals, a unicorn carousel, and   some unicorn onesies that you can wear to become one with your surroundings. In case that isn't enough unicorn action for you, you have the option of mixing in some My Little Pony toys. Some photos feature these ponies watching over you as you eat various forms of rainbow goodness. I was never a unicorn-type of girl, but if I were, this restaurant would be my favorite place. In case you need any more convincing, check out this video of the Unicorn Café.
Or, take a look at their location tag on Instagram. Seriously, I didn't think there was that much pink in the world! If you're a unicorn-lover, buy your tickets to Bangkok now and send lots of pictures of the unicorns and the interesting food! Most importantly, do not get lost in the pit of stuffed unicorns!
H/T: Cosmopolitan, Mental Floss

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