Disgraced Republican Rep. Tim Murphy Reportedly Created A 'Terrifying' Office Environment

Disgraced Republican Rep. Tim Murphy Reportedly Created A 'Terrifying' Office Environment


Current and former members of Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Murphy’s staff described a congressional office with a toxic atmosphere, where Murphy and longtime chief of staff Susan Mosychuk terrorized underlings and basically blackmailed them from leaving.

The Republican Pennsylvania Rep. has abruptly concluded his eight term run in total disgrace. First he was exposed as a philanderer who tried coercing his pregnant mistress into an abortion, while he has always been a strong Pro-Lifer. 

Now many news outlets are reporting that a large component in his downfall was also his abusive and vicious treatment of staff. 

“I can’t emphasize enough how scary it was to be in that office, because that office is the most terrifying place,” reported one staffer. 

Many ex-staffers have stated Murphy and his Chief of Staff or evil sidekick as it may seem, degraded those working psychologically and emotionally on a daily basis. 

Politico detailed some of the abuse saying Mosychuk would call aides “worthless,” their work “garbage.” Murphy could also lose his temper. “The Congressman would dress you down if you didn’t spell out an acronym,” one former staffer told HuffPost.

All this was on top of being forced to work unnecessarily long hours, even when Congress wasn't in session and begging to relieve themselves throughout the day.

Once the Mr. Murphy took his leave social media had a few cents to throw in. 

A 100% turnover rate and NOBODY found that unusual? 

What is truly appalling was how Mr. Murphy and Mosychuk used the "student loan repayment program" to force employees into staying in a poisonous work environment.

The program, meant to benefit House staffers, which repays up to $833 a month to federal student loan providers for employees who agree to stay in their jobs for at least a year. If they quit early, an office can demand repayment.


Good luck with HR at your next gig Tim. 


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