Desperate Email Plea From Harvey Weinstein To Friends And Colleagues Leaks Online

Desperate Email Plea From Harvey Weinstein To Friends And Colleagues Leaks Online

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Harvey Weinstein's last-ditch email to Hollywood colleagues mere hours before his dismissal from the company he built has exploded on the internet. And it makes the situation worse. 


Last week it in a visceral, scathing exposé, it was reported by the New York Times that Harvey Weinstein-- a recipient of so many film awards it would take days to name-- is one of Hollywood's most guilty and well hidden sexual predators. 

The fallout has been rapid and vast. In the past several days 'The Weinstein Company' severed ties with the man whose name, blood, sweat and creepy hands built it. 

But Harvey tried to the last possible second to save his career, though he is fully aware of his guilt. The fallen producer sent a letter to all of the Hollywood 'elite' he hoped might rally to send him an 11th hour Hail Mary. 

Immediate thoughts for Harvey's favor?


Yeah, that's how it was received pretty much everywhere. Unfortunately for good ole Harv, this letter was supposed to be private. 

In this day and age of hacks and loose lips he should know, nothing stays private, the email was leaked on Twitter. Then from social media the plea took on a life of it's own.  

The release oh his letter was the trigger to bigger embarrassment. It has also left Hollywood itself in a bit of a quandary. 


Many are left fuming and feel that up to this point he hasn't given a sincere apology and has only insincerely taken responsibility. 

Ouch. Now there are a few lessons that teach you to keep your hands to yourself. 

In the end Harvey was the last man standing. The board of the film empire released the following statement saying:

"Harvey Weinstein is taking an "indefinite leave" from the company in light of new information about misconduct ... that has emerged in the past few days." 

That's that. Fade to black. 


H/T: Twitter, USA Today

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