Could Ivanka Trump Be Working Behind The Scenes To Oust Steve Bannon?

Could Ivanka Trump Be Working Behind The Scenes To Oust Steve Bannon?


Additionally, Ivanka Trump might be saying whatever she can to erode the president's confidence in his chief strategist:

When Ms. Trump does intervene, her father listens — although he does not always take her advice. One person close to the family described her influence as a delayed-action fuse: At times the president will mention a point Ms. Trump made, uncredited, days later. Ms. Trump has never been close to Mr. Bannon, although she appreciated the ferocity of his work, people close to her said. She puts him in the category of colorful, rough-hewed characters her father collects, with the likes of Roger Stone, a longtime Trump operative.

In recent weeks, she has spoken bluntly about Mr. Bannon’s shortcomings to the president. She was especially incensed by articles she believed were planted by Mr. Bannon’s allies suggesting he, not her father, honed the populist economic message that helped sweep the Midwest. She made that point in the strongest terms to her father, who agreed, according to a family friend.

Well, well, well!

Another possibility: Trump's ego might not be able to withstand all the attention Bannon has been getting.

Reportedly, Trump was jealous of the attention Bannon received in the days after his travel ban, which banned travel to and from seven Muslim-majority countries and is widely believed to have been orchestrated by Bannon.

Could the White House truly be in the grip of children with egos this fragile?

We're guessing yes.


H/T: Vanity Fair, Uproxx

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