Corgi Puppy Photoshop Battle Is All The Cute We Needed Today


Puppies are adorable. Corgi puppies are extra adorable. Corgi puppies with floppy tongues and flapping ears are the kind of adorable that might just be so intense that it's toxic and potentially lethal.

If it is, Reddit has pretty much sealed the deal for us all with this recent Photoshop Battle. User JavaReallySucks (whose name we hope is meant to be sarcastic) started a thread asking for photoshops of one seriously adorable corgi puppy.

This Little Dude. Don't Look Directly Into The Cute.


Things started out awesome and pretty much just kept going. Take a look for yourself.

"Lemme Take A Selfie"


The Running Of The Pup


Running with bulls is pretty intense, so maybe pup should take it down a notch. A massage sounds nice, don't you think?