Cats Accidentally End Up Stacked On Top Of Each Other


It's been a dark few days around these parts. Lots of doom and gloom, fear and worry. Thankfully cats exist, and we actually chuckled briefly today, all because of them.

Cats (CREDIT: YouTube)

  What happens when two cats want to jump to the same spot at the same time? Well, it turns out that they just end up delightfully stacked on top of one-another, as if that were the way they were always meant to be. As the owner of only one single cat, I am now inspired and interested in adoptingĀ another one. I mean, sure, so they could keep each other company when I'm out of the house or out of town. But also because I want to see if I can somehow replicate this wonder of the animal kingdom.
Cats (CREDIT: YouTube)

  A cat stack! Have you ever seen such a silly thing? I hadn't! I just assumed that two cats, in the same space, would go to war with one another. Because they're territorial and creatures of place, right? I guess these two kitties are best friends. That's my only guess as to why the claws didn't come out. Oh, and even funnier than them ending in a stack? ThemĀ staying in that stack for longer than one might assume they would. Thank you, cats! Thank you.

H/T: Mashable, YouTube