This Household Item Could Treat Your Burn In A Pinch, But Be Careful Using It

  Minor burns can be a pesky and uncomfortable nuisance. They itch. They're sore. And they last for days. But did you know that a possible remedy for these small burns is sitting right in your kitchen? It's true! The answer to your bothersome burn? Egg whites!
Burn (CREDIT: TheWorld-AroundUs)
Now hold up, there. We need to give you full disclosure. If you search the Internet, you will find a number of articles debunking the use of egg whites for treatment of burns. The threat of salmonella entering your broken skin is certainly cause for concern. The memes and articles that promote the benefits of this eggy treatment are also full of dubious language that has been thoroughly dismantled by sites including Snopes.
Burn (CREDIT: Pinterest)
Snopes also found, however, that the practice of using egg whites to combat burns has been around for over a century. Egg whites, while not curative or a method of reliable treatment, can serve as a type of initial dressing for a burn, once cool water has been used to lower the burn's temperature. Also, despite the debunking of the egg white remedy, there are still many who proclaim and laud how well it works. Whether you elect to go with egg whites the next time you slightly sizzle your skin, or not, do remember that the most important steps in treating the injury are bringing down the temperature of the burn, covering it, and then seeking medical assistance if it is severe.